Prices and standards

Dormitory rates in MS AGH Student Campus

StandardDormitory numberAGH Regular and Postgraduate Students

Regular and postgraduate students of other Universities*

Full rate
(the price includes 8% VAT tax)
Comfort + DS9, DS16, DS17,
DS18, DS19
425,00 pln
15,00 pln
475,00 pln
17,00 pln
513,00 pln
18,36 pln
Comfort DS ALFA, DS1, DS2,
DS4, DS5, DS12, DS13, DS15
425,00 pln
15,00 pln
475,00 pln
17,00 pln
513,00 pln
18,36 pln
Basic DS3, DS6, DS7,
DS8, DS10, DS14
365,00 pln
13,00 pln
410,00 pln
15,00 pln
442,80 pln
16,20 pln
The price list includes monthly rates and daily charges. For stays shorter then 1 month the rate is charged daily. For every check-in and dormitory change an extra 10 pln (netto) fee is charged. For residents who are staying alone in a double room, the price for the second place amounts to 75% of the pay rate determined in the price list.


Types of standards in MS AGH Student Campus:


Fully furnished double rooms with private bathrooms and small kitchenettes. Fridge in every room, big kitchen on each floor.


Fully furnished two double rooms combined in a studio, sharing a bathroom and a kitchenette. Big kitchen on each floor. Mostly single beds, but also partly bunk beds.


Fully furnished two double rooms and two triple rooms (with bunk beds) sharing a bathroom. Fridge in every room, big kitchen on each floor.

No single rooms available. All exchange students are being accommodated in their faculties dormitories. Only current residents can book a room.


Conveniences in all dormitories:

All residents have free access to laundry, field (football, volleyball, basketball) and tennis courts booking. In every dorm TV rooms and gyms are available to residents. Internet and cable TV acces in every room (included in the dormitory price). During the check-in students are provided with a bedding, which is changed every three weeks.

*concerns Regular and Postgraduate Students of the following universities:
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Cracow University of Economics
  • Pedagogical University of Cracow 
  • University of Agriculture in Cracow
  • The Academy of Music in Cracow
  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
  • Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN
  • The National Research Institute of Animal Production in Cracow - Balice
  • The Pontifical University of John Paul II
  • The Academy of Ignatianum in Cracow