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Questions and Answers

1. How can I get a place in a student dormitory?

All information can be found at https://akademik.agh.edu.pl in the tab ‘Information for students’.

2. Who has to be present during the check-in registration procedure?

You have to be present in person during the check-in procedure. If you are unable to check in in the designated time please contact Student Dormitories Section (Dział Domów Studenckich) or declare your wish to check in later in the system at https://akademik.agh.edu.pl

3. Is it possible to check in/check out outside regular business hours of dorm Administration?

Yes, but only in justified cases and based on the prior arrangement with the Dorm Manager.

4. What do I need to check in?

To complete your check-in procedure you need your student identity card (or other document confirming your identity in case of non-students) and a photo for your resident card (4.5 x 3.5 cm).

5. What are the regulations regarding student dormitories during the coronavirus pandemic?

Due to the pandemic situation the rule of DDM (Disinfection, Distancing, Masks) is observed on the grounds of AGH Student Campus. Following the recommendations of MEiN (Ministry of Education and Science) and GIS (National Sanitary Inspectorate) it is forbidden for non-residents to stay in student dormitories; also exchange of dorm places has been suspended.

6. Can you stay in a student dormitory if you are under 18 years of age?

No, you have to be 18 to stay in a student dormitory. The only exception is AGH students who are still under age. In their case, a parent or legal guardian has to be present during the check-in procedure.

7. Can I live in one room with my partner?

Yes, providing that the permission has been granted by the Management of MS AGH. It order to get such permission you have to send an electronic application which can be found at: https://akademik.agh.edu.pl

8. Can I live in one room with my brother or sister?

Yes, staying together with your sibling in the same room is possible providing your brother/sister has also been allocated a place in one of AGH dormitories, and is subject to place availability.

9. Where can I find Student Dormitories Office?

Student Dormitories Office is located in the building of MS AGH Administration building in ul. Rostafińskiego 8 (Dorm 5 Strumyk, Room 2).

10. What amenities are available in student dormitories?

Students have at their disposal, among others, kitchens, study rooms and TV rooms. All residents have free Internet access, possibility to reserve laundry and drying facilities, as well as football, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. Other amenities available to residents include vacuum cleaners, irons and ironing boards. Each room has a TV connection. Some dorms have gyms, game rooms and common club rooms as well as bicycle storage facilities (more details can be found in the tab ‘Domy Studenckie’ (Student Dormitories). Fairly often Residents’ Council of a given dorm decides on the purchase of new equipment.

11. What amenities can be found in student rooms?

Every room has tables (or desks), chairs and some furniture. Rooms (or studios) have a fridge and a phone. Every resident is given a pillow, a duvet, blanket and sheets. New bedding is provided once every 3 weeks.

12. I received a place in a dormitory for an academic year through CRM (Central Allocation System). Can I check in after checking-in has been blocked?

Yes, providing you declare it later in the system at https://akademik.agh.edu.pl You have to remember that the amount due is calculated starting from the day it was blocked.

13. When is the deadline for paying for my dorm?

Payments should be made no later than on 15th day of a given month (paid in advance for the whole month).

14. Can the payments for dorms be made in the Administration Office in cash?

Each dorm resident should make payments by transferring the due amount to account shown in the system. In some exceptional situations the dorm Manager may accept cash payments.

15. If I check in / check out in the middle of a month, will I still be charged for the whole month?

In case of checking out in the middle of a month, the amount due is calculated on a daily basis and all the details are specified on MS AGH website.

16. If I pay for the whole month and then decide to check out earlier, will part of the money be refunded to me?

Yes, the excess payment, which will be calaculated on the day of your check-out will be transferred to the indicated bank account.

17. What does the check-out procedure look like?

Your wish to check out has to be entered into the User Panel at least 3 days prior to your planed check-out date. Before checking out the due amount has to be settled, the exact amount for the day of your check-out can be seen in the User Panel. On checking out your room key, resident card and bedding have to be returned. The last person to check out from a room is responsible for cleaning the room and preparing it for the acceptance inspection by a staff member.

18. Why collective responsibility principle is applied in case of damage in kitchen facilities, corridors, TV room etc?

This principle is in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of AGH Campus Residents. Information about collective responsibility principle regarding damage done to shared facilities is also included in the declaration signed by every resident before checking in.

19. What if I did not get a place in a dormitory through the CRM system (Central Place Allocation) and I still would like to live in a dorm?

For a few years now, all AGH students who have been applying for a place and completed all the formalities have been granted a place in a dormitory. However, if you did not get a place in a dorm and your appeal procedure was not successful, you can still get a place thanks to the so-called free purchase.

20. What is meant by free purchase of available places?

This is the procedure of getting a place in a dormitory used both before the start and during the academic year. These are places which originally have been allocated to students through CRM system (Central Place Allocation) and they have subsiquently resigned. In order to get a place in the free purchase system, an electronic application has to be submitted through https://akademik.agh.edu.pl with no need to provide any other additional documents. People who are not students or employees of AGH UST my also apply for such a place, yet the preference is given to AGH students.

21. Where can I get my clearance slip confirmation (the so-called obiegówka), if I have not lived in a dorm?

Current and former residents of AGH Campus can get their clearance certificates stamped at the Administration of the last dorm they stayed at. This also applies to students who stayed in a dorm during holidays. Those who have never stayed in a dorm have to declare it by writing ‘Not stayed’ on the clearance cerificate and do need to have it confirmed by the Administration.

22. How can I reserve a room for the next academic year?

Detailed schedule and rules regarding making reservations are available on MS AGH website and noticeboards in dormitories at the turn of May and June. Reservations can also be made by students who currently do not live at AGH Campus and wish to apply for a regular place in a dorm.

23. How can I report any defects in my room or bathroom?

Any defects noticed on checking-in should be reported in the User Panel. During the academic year defects should be reported in the special register of defects available at the dorm reception; any damage should be reported directly to the Administration.

24. What should I do if I want to be in a different dorm (located at AGH Student Campus)?

The wish to change your dormitory should be sent using electronic dorm exchange page (giełda zamian) available at https://akademik.agh.edu.pl As soon as there is a place available in the dorm of your preference, you will be contacted by email. If you and your roommate both wish to change your dorm, each of you has to send the request to the dorm exchange page and enter your names.

25. What should I do if I lost a key to my room?

This fact should be reported immediately to the Administration of your dorm. The cost of changing locks is covered in full by the resident who has lost the key. Detailed prices are given on the MS AGH website in the tab ‘Dokumenty do pobrania.’ (Documents for downloading).

26. Can I live in a dorm after graduating?

Graduates can only apply for a place in a dorm at MS AGH Campus in the procedure of free purchase of available places.

27. What should I do if I want to offer overnight accommodation to my friend?

If you would like to offer accommodation to a friend in your room, you need to report it at the reception of your dorm and register this fact (no later than 12.00 midnight). If you share your room with other people, your roommate/roommates have to agree. The price is 10 PLN.

28. Can I keep an animal in my room?

No, it is not possible to keep an animal due to sanitary and epodemiolgical regulations.

29. Can I leave my room key at the reception?

Every dorm resident receives their own room key during the check-in registration procedure and from that moment is responsible for it. Room keys may not be left at the reception.

30. What should I do to be able to stay in a student dormitory during holidays?

You have to submit a holiday application (available from June) at https://akademik.agh.edu.pl

31. Can I live alone in a double room?

Yes. To do so you need to submit an application through https://akademik.agh.edu.pl requesting additional place to live alone in a double room. It will mean paying for both places in the room (the charge for the second place amounts to 75% of the regular price). All such applications are subject to place availability.

32. Can I still live at a dorm if I no longer have my student status?

Yes, provided it has been approved by the AGH Campus Management. You need to submit electronically (using User Panel) an application requesting the continuation of your accommodation in the dorm despite having lost your student status. It will also mean being charged full tariff for your place (including VAT).

33. What should I do if my Resident Card was taken by Campus Security?

You should contact Student Dormitories Section between 9 am and 1 pm on the following working day (Dorm 5 Strumyk, Room 2).

34. Is it possible for tourists or visitirs to rent a room in a dorm? What is the charge per person per night?

Yes, it is possible, all details can be found at https://taniehostele.pl and enquiries can be made by calling the following number: 12 622 46 00.

35. Do AGH employees have to apply every year for place allocation in a student dormitory?

Yes, it is defined by the Regulations regarding place allocation in AGH dormitories for doctoral students and AGH employees.

If you haven’t found above the answer to your question, please write to us: dds@ms.agh.edu.pl